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Sewer maintenance is an essential part of homeownership. When it’s time to find a contractor to keep your sewer lines in good condition, you want trained and certified professionals working on your home systems. Our Morgan Hill NASSCO certified contractors are leaders in the area, known for their dedication and thoroughness. A NASSCO certification means our specialists are educated and provided with the resources needed to get any sewer service job completed right the first time. We excel in diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining sewer systems and connected pipes. Our trained and certified contractors can handle all your sewer line issues, big or small.

Private Sewer Lateral Pipe Inspection Program

In Morgan Hill, private sewer lateral pipe inspections (PSLP) are required for homes listed for sale after June 1, 2022. The PSLP program requires drainpipes connecting homes to the public sewer system to be inspected. A failure to conduct an inspection can prevent home sales transactions from being processed. Once the sewer laterals are inspected, a certified professional will provide clarification regarding next steps. Homes requiring repairs will need any problems identified in the sewer lateral inspection repaired before a release to sell can be issued.
The following homeowners or properties may be exempt from PSLP requirements:
Private sewer lateral drainpipes run from a home’s foundation to the street to connect to the city sewer system. It’s an important inspection requirement that can save the city money and ensure the sewer system operates properly. When lateral drain pipes are broken, it can stress city infrastructure and treatment plants.
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At Bailey Plumbing Inc., our Morgan Hill NASSCO certified contractors exemplify what is great about NASSCO contractor certification. The National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) works hard to organize, educate, and advocate on behalf of those in the sewer services industry. The NASSCO provides the leading certification program for contractors and engineers specializing in sewer system construction, maintenance, and repair. For many professionals, completing a NASSCO certification program is a requirement to continue in their position. NASSCO was one of the first organizations of its kind to create an inspection standard for pipeline cleaning, repair, and inspection. NASSCO programs are exemplary, and they are also renowned for their safety standards and requirements. Their organization continues to provide innovative and robust updates to their courses, ensuring contractors like ours are ready to go into the field and execute their jobs confidently and accurately. NASSCO also provides certification and training programs for inspectors, called the Inspector Training and Certification Program (ITCP.) Their combination of educational programs, inspections, and assessments ensures contractors, engineers, and specialists across the country have the skills needed to protect home sewer connections, area water programs, and city sewer systems.

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When customers choose Bailey Plumbing Inc. to complete their PSLP inspection and repairs, we streamline the process for you! Our team will ensure grant money will be transferred to the buyer or seller automatically. Plus, your home sale will move faster and with fewer hassles. We work hard to make the process as frustration-free as possible. When you choose a NASSO certified contractor, you can feel confident you’re working with a team of highly qualified specialists with the experience and knowledge to keep your inspection and repairs moving forward without delay. For inspections by a Morgan Hill NASSCO certified contractor, contact Bailey Plumbing Inc. We provide inspections in Morgan Hill and nearby communities.
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